Holiday Gift Wrap | Simple Wood Boxes

Holiday Gift Wrap, Simple Wood Box

Holiday Gift Wrap

This year, to make things simple, and beautiful, along with trying to find more thoughtful, useful, minimalists gifts, I decided to mimic that sentiment in the gift wrapping as well. Natural unfinished wood cornice boxes, filled with a bed of aspen wood excelsior, make each gift set feel extra special. While not cheap, the purpose for these was not to give more, but to give more with purpose. It’s not about the quantity or size of the gifts we receive or give, but rather the thought that goes into it. For me, the idea of quality over quantity in addition to hand curating each set for an individual recipient is what makes this season extra special.

And because I chose to wrap the majority of our gifts this way, and because the bulk of our gifts are shipped to family & friends, it was way more cost effective for me to buy the boxes in sets of two and the excelsior in bulk, making each gift box right around $15 (not including finishing ribbon and gifts inside). Should you only wish to wrap a present or two this way, I also included links to individual and smaller quantity items below:

Our go to gift wrap this holiday, shown here:

Unfinished Walnut Box (2 pack) | Aspen Wood Excelsior (BULK)

Only needing to wrap one present?

Individual Unfinished Walnut Box | Aspen Wood Excelsior (4 oz bag)

Holiday Gift Wrap, Simple Wood Boxes

Deal Alert! My Favorite Under Sink Organizer!

Under Sink Storage

Happy New Year Friends!  We have so much to catch up on (after a full year, this house renovation is just about to get going!!!) and while I'm busy getting content created for March, I wanted to quickly stop by and share that my all time favorite under sink organizer is currently 38% off!!  So many of you have inquired about this.  It was a favorite in our first house, and was the first thing I purchased for our current home!  If there's one thing I've learned, it's that investing in good quality organization products is a household game changer.  And trust me I've tried them all.  When it comes to under the sink, there's plenty of hacks to try, cheaply made products to use and frankly all of those have only left me frustrated and constantly re-organizing.  So, if you're like me, and looking for simple, efficient organization, this unit is for you!  The original price originally gave me sticker shock (but after five years with our first unit, and now 2 years with our's well worth the investment).  And the best part...I've NEVER seen this thing on sale.  So today, when working on our kitchen remodel design, I spotted the deal, and knew I had to share it with you!  So, if this is something you've been eyeing, now's a great time to invest in it!  But be sure to act fast as the price can change at anytime.  And if you happen to be looking for another great kitchen organizer...this one we also added in our last house and was equally wonderful...and it too is currently on sale!  Happy Organizing Friends!

Under Sink Storage