Vintage Wicker Demijohn

Early this month, we hit up Scott Antique Market and came across a few wicker demijohns.  I've been pretty obsessed with these for quite some time and had really sharp elbows (our term for aggressive antique shopping).  
Why all the excitement?
Well for starters, I have seen wicker demijohns in other places, but have never been able to justify the cost.  When we came across the larger of the 3, the guy was trying to liquidate his booth and was willing to drop the price by half.  So after some jumping up and down, nail-biting and telling myself to just walk away ~ I committed to the sale and then proceeded to find two counterparts.
Why Wicker Demijohns?
We're currently in the middle of our Kitchen Renovation and I've been in search of a couple more statement pieces.  I love the texture of these old glass bottles wrapped in wicker and plan to display them on our metro-shelving.  Primarily used in France and Europe, their primary function was to store & transport bulk liquids ~ typically wine.  These would also work great to use as budding branch vases.
Do you have or collect demijohns?  We'd love to hear from you!