How to Grommet A Pair Of Gloves

Grommet A Pair Of Kitchen Gloves For Easy Drying & Storing 
After completing our Under Sink Storage in our Kitchen, 
we decided to give you a step-by-step in grommet-ing.
Materials Needed:
Pair of Rubber Gloves
Pencil or Pen
Hammer and Hard Surface
4 Sets of Eyelets (two sets for each glove) ~ we recommend size 7/16"
1 Eyelet Tool Set ~ corresponding size 7/16"
**Tip:  Some sets are sold together with eyelets and the tool ~ typically found in the sewing/leather making section of craft stores, in our case we found it to be extremely cheaper to buy these as separates and found them near the stamping section in our store  
For your first glove, you'll need the eyelet tool and 2 sets of eyelets
 When cutting your circle ~ perfection isn't necessary, but be sure not to make it too large.
 On a hard surface, like concrete, NOT counter tops or interior flooring,
first place down the eyelet tool base, then place the eyelet base on top of that. 
 Now go ahead and put one hole of your glove through the eyelet base.
 When hammering, give numerous steady taps until the grommet folds over on itself. 
 Then repeat for the 2nd glove! 
Kitchen towels would also work great with grommets!