Cassette Tape Chair

Cassette Tape Chair
This past weekend, my brother graduated from college!
He's a music enthusiast, so we wanted to give him a gift that was as creative as he is. 
I came across this idea last fall when we saw a cassette tape chair in Greenville, SC by Maritime Supply Company ~ shown in this pin here.
And with today being
over at Young House Love, we thought it was the perfect time to share our DIY.
We found this vintage aluminum chair at Scott's Antique Market last month for $15.  
We started by removing the faux leather to discover the base of the chair 
was made of wood.
Once we removed both cushions, 
we realized our chair frame was not connected by aluminum.
 A simple solution was to add two wooden slats to the base and paint them black.
Then to the fun part ~ we created our new cassette tape seat and seat back by using old cassettes purchased cheaply from thrift stores and zip ties purchased from Lowes.  After creating our pattern of mostly clear cassettes with a couple black and white ones mixed in, we used the zip ties to connect them together.  
Once finished we connected our seat and seat back to our vintage chair frame.
We were thrilled with the final result 
and more importantly excited to share it with my brother!
I'm thinking a Cassette Tape Coffee Table for his birthday? 
Let's not get carried away!