Dog Food Storage

 Yup, we were those people that had our big bag of dog food sitting out in the open allowing our pup to help himself, making dinner & snack time whenever he wanted.  
I knew we needed an airtight container and loved all the cute jars & canisters that people use for dog storage.  But having a big dog meant I needed a large container and for some reason cute ones are hard to find.  I bought this trash can from Walmart.  The touch lid is great for quick & easy opening & closing.  And I found a scoop that is the perfect serving size for Rawley's meals.
With most of my organization I love hidden storage.  In a small home it allows for everyday items to be hidden in plain sight and of course I'm a sucker for baskets.  When I came across this woven hamper in the laundry aisle at Target I knew it would be a great way to conceal our dog food storage bin along with Rawley's other treats & toys.
Now dinner & snack time look more like this!

What do you use for your pet food storage?