Fall Cleaning | Front Porch

Spiderwebs are taking over our front porch ~ and I don't mean the decorative ones!
Another disturbing find?  The significant amount of mildew growing on our white railings ~ ew...gross!  These before photos don't really do it justice:
But with a little elbow grease, mild detergent & a Sunday afternoon, 
I was able to get our white painted porch back in order. 
Have mildew or mold?  Depending on the severity you may want to go with a pressure washer, otherwise, we found a scrub brush & mild detergent did the trick.  I also read that 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water works wonders.  Scrub with a brush, then rinse thoroughly with water.
I'm looking forward to fall decor!  It's still a little too humid for pumpkins here.  
So until then, I put up a simple wreath, bought some mums, 
and added a rustic basket (a $5 thrift store find) to the front porch!