Vintage Find | Wooden Pestles & Mashers

I am all about starting new collections.  It gives you a purpose when thrifting and antiquing and allows vignettes around your house to have intentional pairings.  Right now I've got my eye on these vintage wooden mashers and primitive pestles.  I love that they come in all shapes and sizes, giving each one it's own character.
When looking for these I seek out ones with unique handles or intricate wood work.  $10 and under is my ideal price point and I try to find ones that have as few as cracks and damage as possible. (although one I have is quite beat up, but in only cost a buck)
For those that tend to be extremely dried out, I use the same process that I use for my wood bowls.  You can see that how to here.
But the best part about these old wooden pestles and mashers is not only are they decorative, but oh so functional as well!  I keep a few of my favorite in the kitchen to help with everything from muddling herbs to mashing potatoes.

 What collections are you currently starting?