Kitchen Makeover | Part 3: Are We There Yet?

That's what we had after Part 2 of our kitchen makeover.  The destination was starting to feel like it was right over the horizon, if we could just get to the top of the hill we'd see it.  So that's what we did, we kept striving towards the finish line.  After debating paint colors we finalized on Benjamin Moore, color Marscarpone  for the kitchen cabinets.  We loved that the warm hue complimented the butcher block counter top, but still worked with the white appliances.  So after purchasing the paint we got to work.
From there we also decided on new hardware...
And a sink & faucet... 
Finally, our kitchen was functional and we were getting closer to our destination!
 But like any good road trip, there's sure to be a couple detours along the way.  We quickly became busy throughout other parts of the house, finishing a guest bedroom, re-doing the entire front porch, adopting Rawley and so on.  So as life kept moving forward, our kitchen makeover was quickly left behind.  For an entire year.  Yup, that's right, our kitchen stayed like this for an entire year!  That destination that seemed so close, now felt so far away.  We knew when we bought this house it would be a process, and we kept reminding ourselves that Ralph said it best, Life's a journey, not a destination, but sometimes, even if you're enjoying the ride, you can't help but ask Are We There Yet?

The floors? The ceiling?  See what project we tackle in Part 4 tomorrow.