Mohawk Home Rug Review & Giveaway

Baby it's COLD outside!
I don't know about you, but this winter is being unusually brutal!  And for those of you with an older home you know that no matter how much insulating you do, they tend to be a bit drafty.  In our home, our problem is the original hardwood floors allow for the cold air to flow straight up from our freezing crawl space.  And there is NOTHING worse than waking up in the morning to cold hardwood floors.  
So when the nice folks at Mohawk Home contacted us a couple months back asking if we'd do a rug review of course I jumped at the chance! 
We decided to go with the 8x10 Frise Shag Rug in color Starch.  When our rug arrived I was pleasantly surprised!  The quality at this price point surpassed my expectations.  It was plush and the neutral color was perfect for our bedroom decor!
Now for the question I know you're asking.
A WHITE, shag rug with Rawley?!
Yup, I was super skeptical and on day one, told Brian we should't let Rawley in our room.  Brian's response: "Good luck with that".  So of course, the first chance he got, Rawley ran in and plopped right down on my brand new rug.  I mean look at this face:
We were asked to do a review and an honest one is what we want to give to you guys.  Like all of you know, Rawley is a HUGE part of our life and me editing him out of this process would be unrealistic. So, for last eight weeks, we've lived with this rug.  During that time, our bedroom had become holiday central ~ piles of clothes and gifts quickly amassed all over our bedroom floor.  Old, worn suitcases were packed and stored there before going to Maine and of course Rawley made this his new hang out.  Needless to say, this rug has already endured plenty of wear & tear.
So, I'm very happy to share that this rug passed all tests, warm cozy feet included!  All photos in this post, with the exception of the two with Rawley, were taken this week, 2 months after installing the rug.  Not only does the color compliment our decor, but the durability makes this rug a really practical addition to our bedroom for the winter months!
As if I couldn't love this rug anymore, there's one more point that makes me Oh So Happy!
Mohawk Home manufactures right here in the USofA!!!
Like most of you, I'm trying hard to seek out quality products made in the USA, so knowing that this rug was made in my own Georgia backyard was icing on the cake.  And I'm pretty sure this Mohawk Home short made me even more Patriotic:
tradition, quality, craftsmanship
 What more could we ask for?

Now, enough about me and my rug ~ the kind team at Mohawk Home is offering one lucky reader any, yes ANY 5x8 rug valued at $150 or under.
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This post is sponsored by Mohawk Home, however all opinions are my own.