Studio Reveal

I'm so excited to share with you my new secret hideaway!  After lots of discussing, Brian and I decided to convert our Tool Storage Mudroom into our designated studio.  To keep the makeover quick, organized and cost effective, we decided to hold off on any real renovations.  Instead we kept the pegboard and brought in furniture that otherwise didn't have a place in our home.  Not only am I excited to have a designated work space, but the new mudroom now stores and organizes all of my antique & vintage finds.   With the exception of a couple things, most everything in this room has been purchased second hand, DIYed or bought from antique & thrift stores.  Tomorrow, I'll share a more specific source guide, but for now I wanted to share our new space!
One of my favorite things?
The Pegboard!  
Not only does it allow for additional storage, but I can easily change and display those items that inspire me most.  It's like one giant cork board, but better!
My new morning ritual? 
Cranking up the space heater and enjoying a cup of tea on our vintage church pew.
 How's the lighting?
With 2 large picture windows and a glass front door, the room brings in plenty of natural light.  Great for photos and growing my favorite, Dusty Miller!
Even Rawley loves the new space!  His Favorite Spot?
Right in front of the space heater.
So, there you have it; our little creative space, that's now called our studio.