Vintage Storage | Old Hardware Store Apron

Vintage Hardware Store Apron
I love mixing the old with the new.  And when it comes to organizing, sometimes useful storage can be used in unexpected ways.  I found this vintage hardware store apron in Maine for just a couple bucks.  I loved its worn appearance and graphic text of some of my favorite spots in the Pine Tree State, so much so that I overlooked how completely grungy it was.  Well two washes in the laundry machine and this guy came out looking good ~ still worn, but no longer stinky.  I have another purpose for this Hardware Apron (I'll share that with you later), but in the meantime, it makes a great addition to my desk, organizing and storing stationary, stamps and a notepad.
With us focusing on organization this month, I wanted to show you one way to use a vintage item in a practical, functional way.  Too often when thrifting & antiquing most people will find an item they love, but have no idea how to make it work in their home.  Old pieces can make a great statement on a bookshelf or look great hanging as art on the wall, but when those design ideas don't work for an item, get creative and think outside the box.  So, this weekend I challenge you to find one item in your home and give it new purpose.  It can be as simple as pulling a piece of Grandma's China down from the attic and using it as jewelry storage on a dresser.  Or upcycling those empty shoe boxes into practical & pretty storage boxes!  Ok, you can do this ~ new purpose!