Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Last week I shared some recent living room updates that included this Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.  Yes, I jumped on the add a plant to your interiors bandwagon, and yes I'm loving it!  After pursuing around the internet and getting some much needed advise from our local nursery, we decided on this 5 foot plant.
 Maintenance on these is somewhat minimal and what I love most is that it doesn't need direct sunlight ~ meaning I didn't have to place him right in front of a window.  Now don't get me wrong, this plant needs plenty of indirect light, which lucky for us we have a great big picture window in our living room.  And watering isn't crazy either, in fact, the knowledgeable staff at Pike Nursery in Atlanta, told us to watch the leaves, when they begin to wilt you need to give it more water.  But never drench or drown the plant in H2O.  Another helpful hint:  we were told if we found we'd water it, then it would wilt in just a couple days, etc, etc, then more than likely it's large root ball is unable to soak up the amount of water needed.  Typically these trees roots overtake the pot they're in, not allowing for enough soil to soak up and hold the nutrients.  They told us at that point either place it in a larger container with more soil, or simply place a saucer under the pot and fill with water, that way the plant can take in more water as needed.  So far, so good!  He's the colorful statement we needed in our living space.
Have you re-introduced house plants into your home?