4moms Breeze vs joovy Room

So glad you're joining us for another baby HAPPY hour!  If you missed yesterday's post click here.  When it comes to baby gear, especially for first time moms like myself , the options can be overwhelming!  Since we're expecting twins and planning to stay in our small house, we've made the conscious decision to not make any unnecessary purchases that we ultimately don't need or have room for.  Because of this we had originally planned not to buy anything for quite sometime, that was until I ran into a sample sale at a local Buy Buy Baby.   And of all the things to buy for baby, I find it hilarious that a playard ended up being our first purchase.  When the Joovy Room, along with the 4moms Breeze, both happened to be 45% off retail due to being floor samples, it had me quickly weighing the options between the two.

WHY I LOVE IT:  Hands down this is the easiest playard to set up and take down.  It opens and closes with one step...ONE step people!!  
No wonder they named it the Breeze!  It also has wheels making this function particularly helpful for small spaces like ours where a pack n play can quickly and easily be closed up and stored in a corner and rolled out of sight.  It's design is simple and non-fussy and comes equipped with a bassinet for infants, a leak proof changing pad and a convenient travel bag.

THINGS TO CONSIDER:  The minimalist features will be a pro for some and a con for others.  If you're expecting twins like us, the infant bassinet's maximum weight limit will practically make the bassinet obsolete soon after birth.  And while this thing is quality built and super sturdy it does make the Breeze heavy!  It's not a playard I would want to lug up and down stairs or on frequent trips visiting friends and family.  However, if you're like us and don't have a large home to carry it around, or not needing it for frequent travel, the easy set up and minimalist design is perfect! 

WHY I LOVE IT:  This is perfect for those homes wanting a more stationary playard and makes a lot of sense for larger houses where the playroom may not be in close proximity to the nursery.  It's removable changing table makes changing baby easy and its additional storage allows for things like diapers and toys to be organized within the unit itself.  The built in accessories are another added bonus, including a night light and speakers for you to play personal music.

THINGS TO CONSIDER:  The all in one feature will be a pro for some and a con for others.  Take down and set up of this unit is time consuming and quite complicated.  Again, this is not a unit I would want to frequently take down and set up, especially if you have its storage area packed full.  But again, as a more stationary unit, either in a playroom or at Grandma's house, this option in one to consider!


Ultimately, the one-step set up and take down of this unit along with it's minimalists features sold us on it!  While I LOVED the idea of a changing table on the Joovy Room, it really didn't make since with us having twins.  Purchasing a unit that came with a changing table and additional storage would make those features completely obsolete for our needs.  At the end of the day, we just need a playard for our newborn twins to nap in and later play in.  We'll keep it in our TV/ Playroom /Guest Room, but I LOVE that it can easily be wheeled into our kitchen or living room when needed.