aden + anais | swaddles

In preparing for our twins I've fallen in love with the oh-so-versatile, functional and adorable aden + anais swaddle blankets.  They're lightweight, breathable and their generous (and I mean BIG) size is perfect for swaddling, but they're also the perfect stroller blanket, nursing cover and burp cloth.  An all-in-one blanket?!  What parent-to-be doesn't love that?!  Compared to other muslin swaddles I found, these were hands down the softest and by far the best quality.  With any newborn, messes are sure to be had and the last thing I want are a bunch of baby products that don't stand up to multiple washings.  In shopping for two newborns and having a small space, my philosophy is I'd much rather invest a little more money in good, quality products that can keep up with life with baby.  By investing up front, I won't have to continually spend money replacing items that don't last.  So, you can be sure I'll be adding these swaddles to my must have list. Above are some of my favorite designs, I love the whimsical feel they'll bring to you and to your baby.

What are your favorites?
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