Part 1 included us taking down the popcorn ceiling to expose the original wooden slats.
 Then we painted the ceiling and primed the walls. 
Inspired by other wood accents walls, we decided to include one into our design using damaged fencing boards from Lowes and grey washing them.
See that entire project here.
Initially we were happy with the finished project and excited when our accent wall was featured in one of Brian Kelsey's videos ~ watch it here!
 But quickly we got frustrated with finalizing the design for the rest of the room.  The seagrass headboard we owned wasn't working with the rustic look and our original green bedding clashed with the driftwood inspired color palette.
So we tried to make some cheap fixes ~ covered the headboard with a patterned curtain and pulled bedding and pillows from other places in the house.  I searched high and low for new bedding and quickly realized the room wasn't headed in the direction we wanted.
 We love this look for a rustic, woodsy theme or in a nautical inspired room with pops of blue and white.  But after a couple months of debating what to do next, we decided to change course.
 And painted the whole room white (Benjamin Moore Marscopone we had left over from our current kitchen renovation).
Immediately, our Seagrass Headboard worked so much better against the white wall.  We also loved our original green bedding with the scheme, but still felt like something was missing.
 That's when we found this guy.
And voila, here's the current state of our bedroom.

                                    BEFORE                           DURING                                 AFTER