26 Weeks Pregnant | Twins

We're nearing the end of the 2nd trimester and people aren't kidding when they say time really starts to fly by!  The nesting instinct has really taken over, lists have been made and final to-do's are in order!  We're hard at work wrapping up other house projects ~ mainly re-organizing and re-purposing spaces. Every day seems closer and closer to meeting these two and I'm getting to the point of wanting it all done so we can relax and enjoy until their arrival!  Brian and I are having fun working on the nursery and oohing and awing at all things baby.  Why is everything so gosh darn cute in mini size?!

The bump is getting BIG!  The size of a basketball!!  I'm currently measuring 32 weeks for a singleton pregnancy which will explain complete strangers stopping me to say "Due any day now?!"  But seriously, it's very enduring and heartwarming to have complete strangers stop to ask about your baby bump.  And the reactions are priceless when I tell them I'm pregnant with boy & girl twins.

  We've passed all tests and screenings with flying colors and I'm constantly thankful for how well this pregnancy is going.  I know complications can happen with any pregnancy and while we're not out of the woods yet, I feel so blessed to have had an easy go of it.  It makes me put all the minor pregnancy symptoms in perspective.  At the end of the day, all you hope for is happy, healthy babies.  

Now with that being said, I have to admit that this pregnancy thing is harder than I thought ~ and at the end of this, I will have a new found respect and understanding for what pregnant women go through.  To date my biggest complaint is back pain and exhaustion, it's getting harder to get comfortable and this mama isn't moving quite like she use to.  I've turned into a full fledged waddling duck and I'm finding standing on my feet for more than an hour or so to be challenging.   I'm use to go-go-going, and have finally given in to the fact that this body and these babies are now in complete control.  For you mama's out there running marathons, working full time (if not multiple jobs) and taking care of other children when pregnant ~ God Bless You!!  I don't know how you do it!  So, the next time you see a pregnant lady, tell her she's beautiful and glowing and let her cut in line at the restroom ~ it will make her day!

The other thing I underestimated is the community of moms and moms-to-be.  I've loved reading your comments and reader emails and I thoroughly enjoy hearing your experiences, joys and challenges.   I'm learning no two pregnancies, adoptions, moms or children are alike, and what works for one family may or may not work for another.  Proving that having compassion and understanding for one another as parents is the key to supporting other moms.  At the end of the day, we're all doing the best we can to have a happy, healthy, home.  

I'm also grateful to have a such wonderful friends.  Their honesty, understanding and guidance have meant more to me than they know!  A recent, long overdue lunch date with a girl friend, provided much guidance for newborn necessities ~ it hadn't even dawned on me to have multiple crib sheets and a whole slew of burping clothes, like 30!.  She's a mom I adore and look up to, and was a huge influence for me seeking fertility treatment.  Not to mention her son is hands down the best looking kid I've ever seen ~ C, you know who you are!  Another mom I greatly admire is my oldest childhood friend, we first met as newborns!  We recently re-connected and while I don't chat with her often I look up to her from afar, mainly facebook and instagram stalking!  She currently lives in Maine and took the time to write me a most valuable email chalked full of mommy-to-be advice!  N, I promise to email you back soon :)  Another invaluable friendship and mom I adore is Brian's cousin, who's candid info (she's an RN) and hilarious stories on motherhood, make me feel like motherhood, while challenging is a complete joy!  I've also created some new friendships during this pregnancy, one that has meant a lot has been a neighbor who is also expecting this fall!  Our weekly walks and talks have been refreshing for the mind, body & soul and having someone experience pregnancy at the same time as you, truly is invaluable!  A, you're going to be the best mom and I look forward to weekly walks with strollers in our future!  

And I couldn't write this post without a shoutout to a community that mean so much to me...my blogging friends!  Jordan from

The 2 Seasons

recently announced their plans to adopt ~ you can read her post


.  She has the biggest heart, is super talented and going to be a great mom!  My sweet friend Erin from

DIY On The Cheap

is expecting her third child this fall ~ that girl somehow juggles it all while looking good and getting tons done!  And Lindsay from

The White Buffalo Styling Co.

 is expecting in 2015!!!  I can't wait to see what she does in the nursery!  

Trust me when I say I'm leaving tons of people out of this list, and of course it goes without saying that I'm so lucky to have such amazing role models in my own mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt and other female family members.  All have been so encouraging and supportive, and while I've typically been more of a guy's girl ~ I'm learning that female friendship and support is so important during this time!!

JEEZ...you actually read all of that?!  Sorry for the soapbox :)  I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude lately!

The only other major change has been in my mood.  Bring on the hormones...I've turned into a complete cry baby!  I cry because I'm happy, I cry because I'm scared, I cry at babies in commercials, I cry at songs on the radio.  Heck, I even cry thinking about how awesome of a dad Brian is going to be ~ this typically occurs in the wee hours of the night where I have to wake him up and proclaim my huge love and appreciation for him!  I cry because blueberry muffins have never tasted so good and I cry thinking about how incredibly lucky I am!  And gosh darn, I'm about to cry writing this.  Seriously, I've never been such a sap in my entire life.  On Saturday, Brian and I made a trip to a local home improvement store to pick up a large piece of pegboard...we love us some pegboard ~ ha!  Because the piece was so large, we had the seats down and part of it hanging out of the back of our SUV, and I realized that if we were doing this in a couple months we'd have two car seats in the back and wouldn't be able to fit the whole family and our large purchase in one car.  I cried all the way home!  Seriously, all.the.way.home.  It had finally dawned on me that project days with just Brian and I are now numbered.  I'll miss the days of Brian driving, me in the passenger seat and a large chunk of some DIY-to-be hanging out of the car.  And yes, I'd much rather see two sweet faces in car seats rather than pegboard in my back seat, but in that moment I cried all the way home because life's about to change...but all for the better!


26 Weeks Pregnant With Twins


  Baby Girl is 2 lbs and Baby Boy is 2.2 lbs


Babies can now hear your voice!


  Hiccups!  Yes, the babies get hiccups and I can totally feel them.  I find this to be the funniest thing!


  Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins and any baked goods, babies have a sweet tooth!


  28 lbs...must be from all the baked goods :)


 Spending some quality time with family & friends over the next couple weeks