4 Month Old Twins

My newborns are no longer newborns?!

They're officially infants...sweet, charming, adorable infants!

As cliche as it is, I'm having an incredibly hard time believing that these two entered the world just four short months ago.  

And what's even crazier to think, is exactly one year ago we found out we were

expecting twins


Isn't it funny to think how much your life can change in just one year!   I mean, look at Brian and I, we look so rested back then!  But seriously, the sleepless nights and all the challenges of new parenthood have already been rewarded with an abundance of toothless grins, which for me is the best currency of all!

Our baby boy P is such a fun, charismatic little guy.  Full of smiles and silly faces.  He loves to eat and currently bananas and mashy peas are on his list of favorites.  He never wants to miss out and will easily forgo a nap or bedtime to enjoy more fun.  He loves music and noise and loves loves loves to chat up a storm.  Overall, he's a very relaxed baby.  Pacifiers aren't his thing and just this week, he decided it was time to roll over (from his stomach to back).

And our baby girl K, is a true sweetheart.

She's quieter than her brother, but she loves to giggle.  Bottles are still fine by her, occasionally she'll indulge in an avocado.  She loves to snuggle and prefers her paci and lovey during nap and bedtime.  She's a girl on the move, started rolling over 5 weeks ago and is currently working on sitting up.  She likes to be read and sung to and her absolute favorite is the spa...aka bath time!

Life with them is truly the sweetest thing!  And by no means do I want to paint parenthood as perfect......there's a reason why people say it's the hardest job.  But people also say it's the hardest job you'll ever love.  And that I find to be so true!  I love being a mom!  And I love watching these two blossom into the people they will one day become.  Recently, I had the chance to hear Nate Berkus, and what I took away from his speech wasn't all the great advice about home decor, but rather a statement he made in regards to his mother's parenting style and the hope he has for his own someday.  He basically said when it comes to parenting "you need to get out of the way...get out of the way for who that child is suppose to become."  For a number of reasons, that resonated with me.  As a mother to boy, girl twins, I'm already seeing so many differences between them.  Personality wise...developmentally.  They are already on different paths and are exploring the world at their own pace.  And as a mother, this is one of the huge advantages to having twins.  You're already reassured that sometimes, no matter what you do or how you parent, there are some things that are just completely out of your control.  And there's a huge amount of peace that comes once you're able to accept this.  I guess the reason I'm sharing this is because I'm constantly asked "how do you do it with twins?!"  And here's my take...it's our normal, we know no different.  Brian and I acknowledge we change a few more diapers and wash a few more bottles than our single child counterparts, but for us, we truly don't look at life with twins any harder than any other parenting situation.  If anything we feel very fortunate and lucky to have them both in our life.  I guess my hope is that I continuously embrace my children's differences, encourage them to be individuals and I hope to know when it's best for me to just get out of the way.  And by that, I simply mean, I hope to guide them through their childhood and life, teaching them to be kind, thoughtful hard working people, but ultimately loving them for who they are and not expecting them to be anything other than that.

Now, I gotta run, go change a nappy (or two)...make K giggle and feed P a banana.