A Happy Halloween

This year P & K celebrated their first official Halloween, trick or treating and all!

We went as a DIY Family, P being the Handy Man and K the baker.

P loved his tool belt, which can be found here, and K was smitten with her felt donuts which were 'baked' with love from her Grandma!

Of course candy was a new found favorite and seeing all the festive costumes made for a fun evening!  We're loving our new neighborhood and Halloween here is taken very seriously.  Lots of decorations and more trick or treaters than we knew what to do with!  I bought a dozen large Costco bags of candy and yet somehow we still ran out... a mid evening run to the grocery store for more was needed!

This new chapter with toddlers is hands down my favorite!  The joy that they bring is wonderful!  While super busy and active, their ability to communicate better and better makes for fun and happy days!  Looking forward to more fall days with them and of course digging into that candy bowl!

We went with simple decor this year, pumpkins lined the front steps and silly ghosts hung from the trees.  I found the cutest tutorial for the ghosts here!  We altered it slightly, instead of using helium we simply blew them up.  Taped fishing wire to the top to hang them.  Added the tissue paper skirts and instead of hand drawing each face, we cut out pieces of Adhesive Vinyl.  It was a whimsical addition to our typically traditional decor!

Wishing you a happy fall!