Fall To Dos | How To Restore Wood Bowls

How To Restore A Wood Bowl.jpg

Being in the midst of fall, there are plenty of pre-Holiday tasks on my to-do list.  One of which being to restore and condition my collection of wood bowls.  They make for great centerpieces, provide accents on side tables and obviously serve food in the most practical of ways.  Cleaning and restoring them is a cinch, in just 3 easy steps, you can bring a worn wooden bowl back to life!

Wash the bowl using mild detergent, being careful not to let it soak long in water.  Pat with dishtowel and allow to fully dry.

Step 1

For stains and mild scratches mix course salt and lemon juice to form an exfoliating paste.

In a circular motion use salt and lemon mixture to exfoliate bowl.  Rinse clean in warm water and allow to fully dry.

Step 2

Use a dry cloth, in a circular motion apply a liberal amount of food safe mineral oil (I suggest trying this one).  Continue to apply until the bowl no longer absorbs oil.

Step 3

For extremely dry pieces, apply another coat of oil over the next couple of days.

There you have it, an easy fix for those wooden bowls.  What's on your fall to-do list?