Globally Inspired Bathroom

Globally Inspired Bathroom

Ok, today's day three of this little series! (see design style 1 & 2, here & here).  If you're just stopping by.  Let me quickly catch you up.  After coming home from a two week roadtrip, we found our downstairs bathroom to have a wall saturated in water.  A crowbar and an hour later revealed mold that extends into our kitchen.  So, while we're in the process of remedying and demo-ing the space, we're looking ahead to what style we're wanting to go with in renovating our first room in the house, the bathroom.  And more specifically the bathroom the kids use along with guests.  (if you want to stay up to date on the process, be sure to follow us on Instagram ~ we're adding to stories pretty regularly these days!)  So, that brings us to today's Globally Inspired Post.   Now this design style is one that would traditionally be out of my comfort zone.  But recently, I've come to love and appreciate Moroccan and Portugal tiles, and have, like most, taken note of the current cement tile floor trend!  I lean towards it's bohemian style and ability to instantly add character to a space.  Truth be told, in curating images for these posts, I thought this style would be a look that Brian wasn't feeling, but surprisingly (I think even to himself), he too is kinda diggin' the "tile as art" in the bathroom look.  We both tend to lean towards more of a blue and white color scheme with this look and like the addition of natural tones.  Here's the three pics that we're currently LOVING:

image via Domino

I went crazy when I found this image.  Like Oprah aha moment crazy!  From the marble tile, to the simple, yet dramatic patterned tile display.  Nothing about this is overpowering, yet it sends such a strong message.  I love this image so much, that it even has me contemplating getting rid of a tub entirely in our space!

Jenna Sue knows how to curate a beautiful space!  The before photos alone are worth checking out this post's transformation!  I love her choice in tile and her choice with the vanity!  This sink has me thinking new possibilities when choosing a vanity!

Ok, ok, so this isn't a bathroom.  But this tile?!  I want to live in this space.  This space says personality and history all in one!  There's a story here and I want to live it!  Sigh.  Yeah, I can't explain it, it's just love!

Well, there ya go.  Some global, bohemian, eclectic inspiration.  If I hesitate towards this style it's for one reason and one reason only.  Can I pull it off?!  This look is so different than anything I've ever gone with.  You know, like a well intentioned outfit, that on someone else is stunning, but when worn personally, you feel like a fraud.  That's what this style is for me.  And I know, I know, you can do anything you want in your house.  I just worry that going so far out of my comfort zone would create a beautiful house, but somehow would never really feel like home.  

Well, there ya go.  Design Style 3 to consider.  What are your thoughts?  Like?  Love?  You know I love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love your way today!  Michelle