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Bright & Cherry Living Room

With almost a month into this year, like most new years, it's got me thinking.  I hope to continuously evolve, learn and grow in this life.  To embrace change and challenges and to dare myself to step out of my comfort zone.  Last January (at this exact time), we were shoving stuff into a U-haul and moving from our first home into our second.  And although the move was just a mere two miles, our life in this house is already drastically different from the one we had in our last.  For one, our family doubled to now include two curious, sweet, loving, two year olds.  For a long time I tried to re-create our first home in this current one.  And to no surprise, breakable antiques and an all white color scheme seemed to drastically clash with twin toddlers and all of their eclectic accessories.  Busy work schedules and family life haven't left much room for extensive diy projects and living in a constant construction site just isn't an option with kids.  In wanting to clone our first home, I missed the bigger picture.  The thing I LOVED about our first house was that it became a tangible representation of me and Brian's life together.  As our marriage grew, so did our love of diy projects and design.  That house taught us a lot about ourselves and a lot about life.  Ultimately, it was never about the look of that house.  It was the feeling that our house brought us.  So, as we embark on this next home adventure our goals are the same...create a safe, fun, happy, inviting environment that's welcoming to all (now 4) members of our family.  Our life is a whole lot more colorful now, and it seems only fitting that our home is too.  With that I wish you all a Happy New Year friends!

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