My Shower Must Have (and odds are you already have it!)

Winter Beauty Routine

With winter in full force, my skin is really feeling the effects.  But harsh conditions don't have to leave your skin feeling dry and rough.  I've spent a lot of time over the years seeking out good, affordable and efficient shower products.  In looking for a good exfoliator, this one's never let me down, and guarantees soft, radiant skin.  Fuss-free, easy and practically free, my number one shower must have is this, make yourself,  sugar scrub.

Make at Home | Sugar Exfoiliate

This is the stuff that home spa days are made of.  My tween self loved this home remedy, and as an adult, I wonder what ever made me quit using it?!  I know most of you at one time or another have whipped this up yourself, and after trying expensive store versions, it's this easy diy recipe that does the trick.  I keep it really simple using just two ingredients, sugar I have on hand and this olive oil, which I typically just pick up from the grocery store.  To make, I mix equal parts (1 cup of each) in this perfectly sized ramekin.  Obviously, you can get really creative, add rosemary for a fragrant touch, switch out white for brown sugar, and on occasion I like to use a coffee, honey, oil and sugar mixture.  Really, the options are endless.  But to keep things simple and to not overly irritate my already sensitive skin, I typically stick with the basic two ingredients!  With Valentine's Day coming up, this also makes for a great homemade gift.  Make a couple cups, put it in a canning jar, top off with a bow and a sea sponge (I'm always going back for this set, great to split up and gift individually or to keep for yourself and display in a large bowl in the bathroom!)

Sea Sponge, Pottery Barn  |  Condiment Spoons, CB2  |  White Ramekin, Target

For the sugar scrub, I apply it in the shower after washing my hair and body (if you're looking for a new body soap, I started using this last year and will never go back!  The other soap I love is this this, although a bit pricey, it's gentle and the subtle fragrance can't be beat!).  In gentle, circular motions, I apply the sugar scrub.  Then rinse off in warm water.  The sugar does the exfoliating, while the oil nourishes.  To lock in all that moisture I apply this body lotion.  And during extreme dry weather, this one.  Simple and super easy!  My go-to sugar scrub is hands down my shower must have this winter!