15 Favorite French Market Totes

French Market Backpack

To Market To Market!  After sharing my new bike with you (in case you missed it, that post is here), I also wanted to share my new obsession!  Again, I'm currently editing things in my life and only looking to bring things into it that have purpose rather than intention, this can be a practical item or one that brings joy to my life.  So, when I come across something that's both beautiful and functional...I know I have to share it with you here!  And that brings us to my new love, French Market totes...backpacks too!!  These days I'm typically running around with P & K, walking to the grocery store, biking to the park and with kids comes stuff!  P & K are finally at the age where I don't have to schlep around a huge diaper bag and an additional purse, but as any mom knows, with kids comes stuff and typically not enough hands to juggle it all.  Currently, my attire runs the gamut of casual dresses to athletic ware and in wanting to refine my style a bit for fall, while trying to appear to have it all together (mom life), I needed an easy, beautiful, versatile bag.   I love how French Market Totes are super simple and super versatile.  Their neutral color goes with pretty much everything and their larger size works both as a normal purse and also perfect for errands, like groceries and my favorite...flower runs!

Leather Handle Market Tote

I first purchased this tote (shown above) for our recent two week road trip.  It was just the thing I needed for long days in the car to exploring new destinations!  Plus it went perfectly with all my vacation clothes.  It's a bit of an invest at $80, but I'm happy to say that the quality was pleasing and the leather handles are a nice touch.  Now that I'm home, it's my go to purse and bag I take to pilates.  Multi uses and it looks great sitting out!

French Market Backpack

Now that we're back home, P & K have really enjoyed helping at the grocery store.  They no longer will let me throw them in the stroller or a shopping cart, and having two 'super helpful' toddlers running around the grocery store can really hinder the purpose of the trip.  I have been looking high and low for a backpack that would allow me to be hands free while holding P & K's hands through stores and sidewalks, but I always ran into the same thing.  Either they were super sporty, and not quite the look.  Or they screamed "MOM BACKPACK!".  Or they were super stylish, and either too small to hold all the stuff I typically need to carry, or made of leather or fabrics that weren't quite made for messy grocery hauls (P & K are notorious for putting sticky wrappers, or half empty drinks into my bag)!  Again, with kiddos, my life right now is about efficiency, even if that's at the cost of orderly.  So, after finding the tote above, I knew I'd love the backpack version!  I've had it for a couple weeks now and it seriously is the perfect thing for the store.  And I can't wait to take it out to our farmers markets this fall!  And I know I just gave a trillion reasons why these make my mom life happy, but these seriously, are so cute for anyone.  Pretty, practical, simple!  So, I've rounded up my 15 favorites, with varying price points below!  Enjoy!

Our 15 Favorite French Market Totes

There you have it!  My favorite fall purchase.  What's your favorite for fall?  Would love for you to comment at the very bottom of this post!

Lots of love your way today!  Michelle

Enjoying The Ride | My New Bike and My New Perspective

papillionaire bicycle

As many of you know, my mom was called home this past Spring.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss her terribly.  In looking for ways to stay connected to her, I've really started to have a change of outlook and perspective on this life and the choices and things I bring into it.  My mom loved bike rides...LOVED!  She loved the freedom it gave her as a girl and I think also loved the simple joy it brought into her life as she got older.  Her and my dad had a pair of his and hes when they got married.  She later found a beautiful vintage red one that she loved.  And last fall she wanted to invest in a beautiful, timeless, well made bike.  Her and my brother did a ton of research and found this great Australia company called Papillionaire, they also have a shop in Brooklyn.  After some phone calls to the shop up north, she went with a beautiful creme colored mixte.  That thing is gorgeous and rides like a dream!!!  She loved it and her and my dad spent last fall enjoying rides together.  

I haven't owned a bike since I was a a girl and in wanting to give homage to my mom and the bikes my parents always had together, Brian and I purchased a set of his and hers in black!  We too went with Papillionaire and I also went with the mixte frame.  Mine just arrived a week ago and I've already loved the freedom it gives me and the joy it brings.  Somehow, mothers always know best!

Bike Trailer Filled With Flowers

We also invested in this bike trailer.  After weighing the pros and cons to individual kid seats vs a trailer, we opted for the trailer simply to allow myself to cart both P & K around town during the week.  So, far we've LOVED it!  P & K have enjoyed our daily rides and it easily attaches and removes from our bikes, making it a breeze for us to switch it out from one bike to another.  It also converts to a jogging stroller.  Which I have to say it super convenient and a nice additional feature, but I wouldn't suggest purchasing this unit for the jogging feature alone.  

While it works, I think for the price point you could find something much better suited for that task.  That being said, Brian does jog with it, and I have used it walking to our local shops and market.  But again, I love it for it's bike trailer feature!  And while it's perfect for toting the kids around, the seat also lays flat making it perfect for carrying goods.  On this day, I rode to Lowes to purchase flowers and greenery for our front steps,  And I have to say, there's something really enjoyable and relaxing about biking to the store, and loading up your carrier with a bunch of pretty flowers!

For the front I purchased this basket.  I love its large size, perfect for a purse or errand essentials!  Needless to say my new set of wheels brings joy and function into my life.  It's getting me outdoors more and giving me and the kids an excuse to cruise around town.  So, this week friends, I hope you enjoy the ride!  Call or visit with the ones you love, share a laugh and find joy in the ordinary!

Support Local | BlueTop, Chamblee

Bluetop, Chamblee, Atlanta, Georgia Restaurant (17).jpg

Every year, as the dog days of summer come to an end, I long for summer not to go!  So tonight, we decided to head out locally, celebrate summer and enjoy a dinner al fresco out with the kids.  I love seeing our little in town neighborhood of Atlanta growing and thriving, so tonight we headed out to our newest neighborhood addition, BlueTop.  

The perfect spot for drinks after work, or a great place to let the kids run around and play (they have games galore along with kid sized picnic tables!) while you enjoy a somewhat peaceful dinner!  And of course the food was exactly what I craved on this hot summer night!  I mean look at this thing?!  This Angry Fried Chicken Sandwich spoke to this southern girl's heart!

And of course my native Maine husband had to try the lobster corn dog ~ I stole it from him it was so good!

The lamb sloppy joe was a winner!  (Gosh, we ordered a lot!)


And these oysters on the half shell with bloody mary mignonette made me long for Sunday Brunch!!!

So, obviously, if you're in the Atlanta area, head over to this new little gem.  And for the rest of you, head out, this week and support local!  Whether it be a new dig or an established favorite, show your support for the local businesses you love!  I know they'd appreciate it!  Plus, it was really nice for Brian and I to have a dinner out locally!  And with the kids entertained, it almost felt like date night!

Happy Tuesday Friends!