Paint the town BLUE!  This month is Colon Cancer Awareness and I couldn't think of a bolder, stronger, more cheerful & hopeful color to represent all of those fighting this horrible disease.  Last year I shared my mother's diagnosis, you can read more here, and one year later, I'm happy to share that my mother is the toughest, bravest, strongest woman I know, and beyond the trials and challenges this past year has brought, she's faced every hurdle with grace and has made the most of every.single.moment!

Life is not about the number of breaths we take,

but the moments that take our breath away.


This morning I called my mom, like I do every morning.  The twins had just woken up, and my mom had just poured herself a cup of hot tea.

ME:  "What's your favorite quote?"

MOM:  "Favorite?...hmmm...I have lots of favorites.  What's it for?  In what context?"

ME:  "Anything.  Just a quote."

MOM:  "Well, here, I'll tell you what I'm currently loving..."

Yup, that's my mom.  Continuously having an arsenal of positive quotes to pull from.  For herself and to share with others.  It's a small thing that has always been a huge part of her household.  Cardstock printouts in custom fonts that somehow perfectly mimic the theme and cheerfulness that the quote brings to the reader.



acts of joy.

She always has and always will spread joy to those around her.

This past year I've watched her gracefully navigate the choppy waters that is cancer.  

And while most people in her situation would turn the chemo appointments, doctor visits and scans into a time of self-sorrow, not my mom.  NOPE.  She's there with smile on her face and regularly baring gifts and small tokens of appreciation to the nurses and office staff whom she regularly sees.  Starbucks gift cards, hand written notes to name a few.

Last week when going for her most recent scan, she brought in a few treats for the team.  When she arrived home she received a phone call from a woman in tears.  She works at the front desk and was so moved by my mother's generosity that she had to call and thank her.  "You see," she said, "the thing is, most people forget about us at the front desk".

That's my typical mom.

Not forgetting about anybody and never one to leave anyone out.  She goes out of her way to make everyone she meets feel special.  She's not impressed by titles, or jobs, or material things.  She's the underdogs biggest fan and never once wants recognition or attention drawn to her numerous good deeds.

She's pure of heart and filled to the brim with goodness.  

For someone who's a self described introvert, paired with her quiet demeanor, kind face and beautiful frame, most people wouldn't guess she's the toughest woman they've probably ever met.

She's a fighter.

A warrior.

A cancer kicking badass.

In between homeschooling my 12 year old brother, raising him, driving from basketball to baseball practices, grocery shopping, house cleaning, meal making, party hosting, Grandma loving, gift bearing, house renovating, trip planning, adult children guiding, unconditional loving, joy spreading, many moment making days...she is also unapologetically showing cancer who's boss!

And by no means do I want to diminish or minimize the truth behind this ugly disease.

This past year has brought many tears and a lot of pain.  so much pain.  

But that hasn't stopped my mom, from doing what she does best.  Living her joy filled life.

Because after all.  She still has a lifetime of breath taking moments she's got to live out;

That is, right after she finishes making the neighborhood kids lunch, teaching math and spelling, watering the garden, and of course, printing out her current favorite quote.  

On colorful cardstock with a custom font.


To my mom.  The sweetest, kindest toughest person I know!

I love you.  I love you more.  I love you most!