Toddler Party Games

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas | Can Toss

For P & K's 2nd Birthday Party we threw a backyard bash full of balloons, donuts and fun.  You can see that post here!  While the overall theme was "Party Animals", we wanted to provide a touch of seasonality (i.e. fall pumpkins) and create a fall festival feel with games.  Here's what we came up with to keep all our Party Animals occupied!

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas | Punch Cup
Toddler Birthday Party Ideas | Punch Cup

Punch Cup

This may have been a favorite with our 3/4 year old crowd.  So simple to make, I hot glued paper cups from Target's $1 section to a leftover piece of plywood.  Filled half the cups with these animal bath toys and left the other half empty.  You cover each with a tissue paper, attaching with a rubberband.  Then your party goers 'punch', we asked our young crowd to 'poke', a cup until they found a prize!

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas | Can Toss

This was P's favorite!  A classic carnival game.  To make use recycled tin cans, I took the liberty to sand down any sharp edges, then we covered with paper that matched the rest of our decor.  Provide a ball and let the kiddos knock 'em down!  A prize was given at this station.

Can Toss

Gourd Bowling
Toddler Birthday Party Ideas | Bowling


Another game that brought in the season... Gourd Bowling!  Use painters tape and spray paint to decorate each gourd.  To create the lane, we used a piece of plywood with leftover wood attached to make the bumpers.  A round pumpkin acted as our bowling ball.


Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

This was a good addition for our older crowd.  Tape a grid on a table and use two different hues of pumpkin for the X's and O's.

Tic Tac Toe

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas | Animal Dig

We hid these animals in sand, making this a super easy station to create.  The toddlers loved it!

Animal Dig

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas | Pumpkin Patch

We made a small pumpkin patch, inviting guests to pick one, then decorate it.  Because most of our guests were 2 and under, we decided to keep things mess free by using stickers!

Pumpkin Patch

Coloring Station

Color Station

I had Brian whip up coloring sheets that matched our animal print paper.  Add washable crayons for instant fun!

Lawn Dominoes

This DIY we made a while back (see the how to here).  Our young party goers loved using them like blocks, building and knocking down.

Lawn Dominoes

We had a blast celebrating P & K, and the best part about these games...they've provided much backyard entertainment for the past couple of weeks!  If you haven't already see their entire party here!