Back To Basics | Easy Valentine's Gifts for Everyone on your List

Back Basics | Easy, affordable & convenient Valentine's ideas for everyone on your list

Forget expensive, stressful, over the top gifts.  This year bring it back to basics with thoughtful, fuss-free, convenient ideas for everyone on your list!  These are so easy and quick you may just decide to celebrate the fun all week long!  So go ahead, spread the love!

Coffee : pick one up on your way into work  for the coworker, or get up early and treat your spouse to the first cup of the day.

Donuts : because who doesn't love them?!

Warm Weather IOU : take the time to write it out and offer up an IOU that's sure to excite.  A Spring picnic in a favorite park....Tickets to the zoo....or an al fresco dinner at that restaurant you've been meaning to try!

Flowers : the grocery variety can be great!  stick with single blooms and replace the cheap plastic wrap for kraft paper for an instant designer looking bouquet

Delivered Flowers : Needing them shipped afar?!  There's still time to order from here!  I'm loving these, these and these!  Get 20% off with code BLOOM20

Potted Herb : the gift that keeps on giving.  Go for the basics, thyme, basil or rosemary.  Place in a terra cotta pot for a timeless touch.  Perfect for the neighbor, gardener, or foodie in your life. 

Nail Polish : perfect for the best friend or co worker.  You can find great brands like Essie at Target or your local drug store.

Book : buy two.  One for you, and one for them.  Create your own duo book club.  

Balloons : A balloon bouquet will make any toddlers day.  For the older kids, hide them in their closet for them to find.  Make the adults feel like a kid again, tie one to the car antenna for a sweet surprise. 

Handwritten Note : Simple and sweet is all that is needed.  Place it in an unsuspecting spot, the hood of a car, under a pillow, in a briefcase, or a shoe.

Handmade Card : Pull out the scissors and the construction paper.  Make a card like you did in the school days, cut our hearts and all.

Decorate the Kid's Door : Streamers and cut our hearts are all that are needed.  It will be a fun way to start off their day!

Heart Shaped... : Pancakes, cookies, PB&J.  Take a heart shaped cookie cutter to it to make meal time extra cute!



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