DIY | Tee-Pee Napkins

Who says festive napkins can't be affordable and fun?!

Perfect for the fall table or a great craft for the kids, these DIY Tee-Pee Napkins are as easy as drawing a triangle!

What you'll need:

100% Cotton Napkins   /   Fabric Pen   

*Note:  Be sure to read instructions fully for your specific fabric pen*

Before you get started, I suggest playing around with your design.  While I opted to keep each napkin identical, it could be fun to have a set with varying designs.

Once you've finalized your design, cut it out and trace over it with black permanent ink.  The bolder the better!  

Decide the placement of your tee-pee.  Also before you get started tracing, I strongly urge you iron your napkin to ensure a smooth flat working surface.

On the back side of the napkin, secure your pattern with pins ~ truth be told, I ended up just holding my pattern in place ~ do what works best for you!.  

Using a fabric marker (I bought this Fabric Marker Set from Hobby Lobby) carefully trace your design.  To ensure a straight edge I used a ruler and while I traced, I was sure to hold down the napkin pulling the fabric taut.  

My pen instructions said to let dry for 24 hours, then machine washable!

Paired with Sawyer Flatware from World Market, these super easy, DIY Tee-Pee Napkins, are the perfect addition to any fall table setting!