CAN-do Lunch | Buffalo Chicken Salad

To make Mondays more manageable, I started making easy CAN-do lunches.  Canning Jar Salads, with dressing on the bottom [to prevent sogginess] ~ an easy lunch to-go for Brian and the perfect quick meal for me to eat, in between the twins nap times.

Simple is key, and typically I use leftovers or items I have on hand.  Click here to see last weeks Pulled BBQ Pork Salad.

For today's salad, one of our household favorites, Buffalo Chicken. 

In canning jar, first pour in ranch dressing & Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce.  Then layer as following: cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber, provolone cheese, shredded carrots,  Boars Head chicken breast and spring salad mix.

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Michelle Cannon SmithComment