P & K | Babies on the Move

Somewhere around five months old, time just started flying by with these two!  Everyday it's something new to learn, see, play with.  Now at 10 months old we have places.to.go!

Pull up...sit down...crawl around...go into this room...now this one...look at this toy...play with that one...

And we're not even walking yet!  

But in all seriousness, it's so fun watching these two explore.  They've become quite the little play buddies, but recently like to adventure solo.  Kennedy's currently more pre-occupied with new and typically forbidden spaces, going from one to the next.  While Parker will roam around until something catches his eye and he'll inspect it for quite some time, analyzing it intently.

We get asked a lot if they're similar, and in most ways they couldn't be more different.

K's more shy, although currently not at full attachment mode, and P's our outgoing one, he has yet to meet a stranger he doesn't like.  K's our rule follower and prefers to stick to a strict schedule.  P's our wild man, who's completely ok with foregoing a nap, heck he'd give up bedtime all together if we let him.  K prefers her veggies, while P prefers his fruit.  P's a pound and an inch taller than K and typically P's mistaken for the girl and K the boy.  It doesn't matter if I have them dressed in pink and blue.  I think it's the hair that does it to people.  They both can say "dada" and  "mama" with "dog, dog" being the newest addition this week.  They both love the pool, dancing is now a family past time, and who knew peek-a-boo could be so entertaining!  They really are these fun little personalities and I'm so lucky they're happy, healthy and oh so fun!