CAN-do Lunch | Pulled BBQ Pork Salad

Brian makes me coffee every morning.


Before I'm even fully awake, there he is greeting me with a piping hot cup of goodness.  It's sweet really.  

And I use to make him lunch.  In fact, we both use to take our lunch into work.  It saved money and of course kept us away from french fries and greasy lunch foods.  With P & K, lunch has become somewhat of a distance memory in our household.  I shove whatever I can grab into my mouth and Brian's left to fend for himself (which he perfectly capable of doing), but with wanting to eat healthier and my desire to do a nice sweet thing for the hubs, lunch is back on the menu in our household!  But with all the things I'm currently juggling (I know all of you can relate), this lunch thing needs to be quick, made from food on hand and somewhat healthy.  

So, for today's CAN-do lunch, left-over BBQ pulled pork is made into a canning jar salad to-go (I'm sure you've seen these all over the Pinterest universe).  The great part about this layered salad is you layer it upside down, with dressing first.  This prevents your salad from getting soggy and when you go to pour it out your salad comes out perfect on a plate ~ genius I tell you.  I get lunch...Brian gets lunch...we save some dough...and we use up those leftovers.  The awesome thing, is if I can get myself super organized I could make a stash of canning jar lunches, store them in the fridge and then they're ready to go.  No more excuses for not eating lunch!


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