P & K | Fall Wardrobe

With P & K currently on the move, and now outgrowing their current wardrobe, which is the perfect time with cool weather rolling in, I recently put together their fall attire and wanted to share the brands we're currently loving.  The thing I do find tricky with kids clothes is that they can wear totally different sizes depending on the brand.  Right now they're wearing anything from six months to 18-24 months.  So, while I love to buy end of season sale items, I've found it tricky to guess what size they'll be for the following year.  Plus, in the first year, we're kinda all over the place with growth spurts.  And I've learned a lot these past few months in regards to practicability with kids clothes.  For example I love all the little baby dresses, but now that K crawls, they're completely impractical for daily wear.  They get in her way and she becomes very frustrated.  So, for fall, a lot of leggings are in her closet that luckily I bout last year on major clearance.  This summer I also found some cute classic pieces from the outlets that I can't seem to find online to share.  For instance, found the cutest, very classic navy corduroy overalls for Parker from a Gymboree Outlet ~ if you have one near by, I suggest you look there, for whatever reason I couldn't find it on their website.  My philosophy with clothing is that I'd prefer to have less quality, soft, durable pieces over a ton of cheaply made ones.  No, new #ootd in this household.  For the first time I bought from Zara and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of some of their goods.  While I did return some stuff, for example the pants just didn't' work for my kids' current body type, but the tops and sweaters I kept were super soft [see below].  Most of their stuff is more trendy than I prefer, but again I bought some stinkin' adorable stuff from them for fall.  My splurge shop is Mini Boden.  A UK company that makes these super fun, whimsical pieces that just scream childhood to me.  I've been a fan all year and typically can find online coupon codes to put towards the purchase.  Their stuff is made really, really well.  Withstands the wash and keeps color and shape.  Knowing that P & K will be getting into all kinds of things on outings this fall, durability is key.  They have great reversible pants and tops for P, which is perfect to double outfits and of course, is great should we get lunch on our shirt.  I'm sure some of you are wondering why Gap isn't included.  And don't get me wrong they have great stuff.  The problem, I just can't get it to fit P & K.  They tend to need the smaller size for width, but then it's too short in the arms and legs.  If I go up a size for length,  it's way too wide and boxy.  Pants don't fit on the waist and the shoulders on the tops hit at their elbows.  Maybe in a few months things will work out differently.  So, for now these are the brands we're currently loving: the outlets (carters, gymboree) Zara and Mini Boden.  

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