Blueberry Picking With P & K

Blueberry Picking

This summer I'm loving our little weekend adventures with P & K.  And a few weeks back, we took a day to go berry picking just south of Atlanta, in a town called Fayetteville.

Blueberry Picking

We found a sweet little farm called Adams Farm, which offered blueberry picking among other things!  K took her job very seriously, and was all too pleased to carry her own bucket.

Blueberry Picking

Nostalgic Dress, Boden  |  Vacation Sandal, Boden  |  Hair Bow, Target

She diligently searched for the perfect blueberries.

Blueberry Picking

Knowing which to pick and which to pass on.


Her sweet face, all too cute as she found the perfect spot!

Blueberry Picking

And pleased as punch to show off her bounty.

Blueberry Picking

P enjoyed picking blueberries as well...

Pocket Tee, Target  |  Suede Sandals, Boden  |  (Similiar) Navy Shorts, Crewcuts

But would rather spend his time running through the blackberry isles.

Blueberry Picking

So, off K went, bucket in hand, for more scouring and picking...but this time, for a bounty full of blackberries, while P, ran and ran!

Blackberry Picking

Dear Friends,

I hope you too are enjoying your summer.  Finding joy in the simple things and seeking out adventures, both grand and small!

Love, Michelle