What I'm Currently Loving | Fall Neutrals

Terrain, Leather Handle Market Tote

I absolutely adore summer!  But there comes a time, sometime after the 4th that I start to look ahead to fall and imagine cool afternoon strolls with cafe dinners al fresco.  Ah, fall!  But before I get ahead of myself, there's still the entire month of August to enjoy.  So to indulge, here's some things I'm currently loving that are perfect for fall, but make wonderful transition pieces until then!!

If you've watched my insta stories, you know I am frantically trying to de-clutter and lighten the stuff in our home and life.  In wanting to surround myself with items that have purpose rather than intention, I'm trying hard to only invest in those pieces that serve a function, whether that be practical or one that brings joy into our life.  Hence, my current love of Moroccan Market Totes.  Their neutral color and natural texture speak to my love and joy for simple and beautifully made goods, but their size and basket like quality serve duel purposes.  Of course perfect for the grocery store or picnics, it's the perfect task bag, but these also would do wonders throughout the house serving as the perfect place for storage!  I recently splurged on this tote for our upcoming Great American Road Trip, but I also love the look of this, this and this (all under $35!!)

Straw Hat  |  Target

Recently, I've tried to up my hat game.  My old standby have always been these baseball hats (which I still love!), but in wanting to expand, and mostly block my ageing face from harmful rays, I was super thrilled to find this straw hat under $20!  I love the shape so much I just splurged on this version as well...I'll let you know how it fits once I get it!

Huarache Sandals  |  Target

I'm pretty obsessed with huarache sandals right now.  This pair has been on repeat all summer and I'm debating ordering another pair for fall.  Truth be told, I'm really hard on shoes.  This pair has been great for summer, but is about completely worn through after just a couple months.  So, I'm currently looking to invest in a higher quality pair that will last longer...any brand suggestions!  But if you too, want to give this look a try, for $25, this brand was comfy and cute while it lasted!

Well, there you have it.  No long list.  Just three things I love, love, love right now.  Perfect neutrals for falls, super versatile and bring purpose to this little life of mine!  Hope you guys continue to enjoy your summer days...we're off to enjoy an afternoon of eating pineapples and fun in the sprinklers!  hugs, Michelle