Enjoying The Ride | My New Bike and My New Perspective

papillionaire bicycle

As many of you know, my mom was called home this past Spring.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss her terribly.  In looking for ways to stay connected to her, I've really started to have a change of outlook and perspective on this life and the choices and things I bring into it.  My mom loved bike rides...LOVED!  She loved the freedom it gave her as a girl and I think also loved the simple joy it brought into her life as she got older.  Her and my dad had a pair of his and hes when they got married.  She later found a beautiful vintage red one that she loved.  And last fall she wanted to invest in a beautiful, timeless, well made bike.  Her and my brother did a ton of research and found this great Australia company called Papillionaire, they also have a shop in Brooklyn.  After some phone calls to the shop up north, she went with a beautiful creme colored mixte.  That thing is gorgeous and rides like a dream!!!  She loved it and her and my dad spent last fall enjoying rides together.  

I haven't owned a bike since I was a a girl and in wanting to give homage to my mom and the bikes my parents always had together, Brian and I purchased a set of his and hers in black!  We too went with Papillionaire and I also went with the mixte frame.  Mine just arrived a week ago and I've already loved the freedom it gives me and the joy it brings.  Somehow, mothers always know best!

Bike Trailer Filled With Flowers

We also invested in this bike trailer.  After weighing the pros and cons to individual kid seats vs a trailer, we opted for the trailer simply to allow myself to cart both P & K around town during the week.  So, far we've LOVED it!  P & K have enjoyed our daily rides and it easily attaches and removes from our bikes, making it a breeze for us to switch it out from one bike to another.  It also converts to a jogging stroller.  Which I have to say it super convenient and a nice additional feature, but I wouldn't suggest purchasing this unit for the jogging feature alone.  

While it works, I think for the price point you could find something much better suited for that task.  That being said, Brian does jog with it, and I have used it walking to our local shops and market.  But again, I love it for it's bike trailer feature!  And while it's perfect for toting the kids around, the seat also lays flat making it perfect for carrying goods.  On this day, I rode to Lowes to purchase flowers and greenery for our front steps,  And I have to say, there's something really enjoyable and relaxing about biking to the store, and loading up your carrier with a bunch of pretty flowers!

For the front I purchased this basket.  I love its large size, perfect for a purse or errand essentials!  Needless to say my new set of wheels brings joy and function into my life.  It's getting me outdoors more and giving me and the kids an excuse to cruise around town.  So, this week friends, I hope you enjoy the ride!  Call or visit with the ones you love, share a laugh and find joy in the ordinary!